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Ishtiaq RahmanMaker@buildanything · Founder @Archie.AI | AI/ML | Bots
Thanks @arunsathiya for hunting us! Hello Product Hunt Happy Thanksgiving! 80% sites on the internet use Google Analytics. But accessing the right data point to make informed decisions has always been a challenge for Google Analytics users; even if you know exactly where to find the metric you're looking for. With our Email Bot, we hope to get you insights that actually matter out of a Sea of charts and data points on Google Analytics. One Email a week. Delivered to your inbox on Sunday Night with a select list of insights that actually matter. Let us know what you think! Ishtiaq
Nick Jobs@nick_jobs
Sounds like an awesome idea!
Bhargav ShahMakerHiring@aria_bos · Software Engineer - Machine Learning
@nick_jobs Thanks Nick! Would love to see you making the best out it.
🤔@_selcukahmet · Co-Founder (Also founder) of Nothing
Hold a second. Does it gather my data to sell somewhere?
dmitrizzleMaker@dmitrizzle · Travel, startups & film photography.
@_selcukahmet No sir, we do not store any of your Google Analytics data. We do not sell any of our users' data either.
Ishtiaq RahmanMaker@buildanything · Founder @Archie.AI | AI/ML | Bots
@_selcukahmet Since you're wondering about our business model--we are hoping users will like our email bot and upgrade to our other paid, premium products. e.g. Interactive Data scientist bot to talk to your Google Analytics through Google Assistant, Alexa, etc. Happy thanksgiving 🤖👌🦃
Frankie J. Grey@impe83 · Entrepreneur
Very interesting! would be nice to have a sample email on the site (random data is fine) to see how it actually looks and if it's that different from the custom google reports.
Ishtiaq RahmanMaker@buildanything · Founder @Archie.AI | AI/ML | Bots
@impe83 Thanks for the feedback Frankie.
Bhargav ShahMakerHiring@aria_bos · Software Engineer - Machine Learning
Powered by AI and Machine Learning, it has revolutionized the everyday meeting scenario. Eliminates the hassle of paper reports and the long wait time. Use either Google Home/ Assistant, Alexa etc. on the meeting table and you're good to go. Cheers!