Archie.AI is a chatbot for Google Analytics. You can talk to Archie about your data in plain English.

With the chrome extension, you can now talk to Google Analytics from your chrome browser without having to go to Google Analytics website.

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Thanks @hazzajay for hunting us. Hey Product Hunt! 🐱 We're excited to launch Archie on Chrome extension so you don't have to sift through multiple web pages on Google Analytics to get the data you're looking for. With our Chrome Extension, you can access Google Analytics Straight from your browser. Just ask Archie in plain English and get an instant response. 🤖 Here are some popular questions people are asking Archie. » What was my traffic in the last 7 days? » Give me a weekly briefing. » Please predict my next week's traffic. » How many visitors did I get from Facebook in the last 24 hours? » Where did I get most of my visitors in the last 24 hours? » How much traffic did I get from Google in the last 7 days? » Give me a daily briefing. » How many conversions did I get in the last 30 days? » How much revenue did I make in the last 30 days? » What kind of device did most of my traffic use? We've got a 15 day free trial period so give it a spin and let us know what you think!
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@eboy thanks! Hope you'll give it a try.
Great job !! Loved to try this out 😊
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@ayush_chandra thanks for trying us out Ayush! 🙌
Trying to test it out but when I select my website from the dropdown at setup, it doesn't select anything. I'm stuck
@baybayin Sorry to hear that Kristian :( we're looking into it. Any more info on this bug? e.g. Chrome Version/Device type In the mean time, you try and signup through our website directly at
@baybayin Hey Kristian, could you shoot me a message to [d at eurekaking dot com] with the email that you have on your Google and which website you'd like to connect? I'd love to help you get this going.
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