Talk to Google Analytics using Google Assistant.

Talk to your Google Analytics data in plain English using Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Chrome Extension etc.

Save up to 60% time spent on data accessing and analysis using Archie.

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  • Amogh Mundhekar
    Amogh MundhekarDirector of product at Radius

    Handsfree BI. Great and easy way to interact with Google analytics and potentially other tools.


    Would love more integrations to expand the applicability, especially to something such as mixpanel and salesforce for wholistic use.

    This is a great use of AI driven automation to simplify day-to-day business activities. As a product person myself, I like knowing metrics and often need to rely on multiple systems in order to get the numbers. Unification and ease of accessibility of business knowledge is definitely a gap that still need to be filled.

    I'm sure the founders have planned for something like this and personally would like to see Archie expanded to tasks such as:

    - Creating events or pulling reports on Mixpanel using a voice based interface

    - Pull salesforce reports

    - Connect with databases such as postgres and perform simple queries based on natural language.

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  • Pros: 

    Voice control


    Limited to GA

    Love the FB messenger integration feature

    DealSourced has used this product for one month.
Thanks @rahulr047 for hunting us! Hey product hunt, Meet Archie, your AI Data Scientist. Now available on Google Assistant. You can now talk to your Google Analytics data in plain English through all Google Assistant enabled devices: Google Home, Android Phone, Google Home mini, Smart Speakers etc. Alexa users, don’t you worry: Archie is on Alexa too! If you would rather text than talk, you can chat with Archie through our Google Chrome Extension. There’s a paywall (man’s gotta eat) but we are offering a 15 day free trial. We will be fielding your questions all day so let us know what you think! Team: University of Toronto/Matter Ventures.
I saw a post about this on Reddit - had to come check it out. Very cool! Going to try this with Alexa 👏 (I love the freemium model)
@andrewleereal Thank you for checking us out. My favorite thing to ask Alexa is- "Alexa, ask Archie Voice to give me my daily briefing" Archie gives me a quick rundown of what all happened in the last 24 hours in my Google Analytics/SQL while I exercise. Saves time.