Gay-friendly travel guide

Thousands of gay-friendly places at your fingertips.

Whether you’re planning a big night out or a romantic weekend away you can rely on Arch to help you find the best gay bars, night clubs, hotels, saunas and more! Browse thousands of venues in the world's most gay friendly cities, read and write reviews, and even request a ride to take you there.

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This is a great idea, I've heard some horror stories from friends in the queer community who've travelled to new lands and were met with hostility. Resources like this help prevent that. How did you stumble upon it @ryanboyling?
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@abadesi Hi Abadesi! Thanks for the kind words, I'm actually the creator of Arch - I'm new to Product Hunt and didn't realise I could add myself as a maker! I've been away before with my partner and we tried to find gay-friendly places but there was nothing to help us. We tried Google, Facebook etc. but information was all over the place and by the time we agreed on going, the club was closed because the opening hours were incorrect. Arch makes the LGBTQ+ community feel secure and safe when travelling - not only abroad, but also their hometown. I hope your friends benefit from Arch - I will be adding lots of new venues and cities very soon, let me know if there's a city you would like! :-) I just rolled out a web version too -
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Welcome to PH, @ryanboyling. 😊 How are you curating these locations and keeping info up-to-date?
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@rrhoover Hi Ryan! Hope you're having a great day. I am manually researching all venues at the moment, sending emails and phone calls confirming they are gay-friendly and checking on information. It's slow progress, but I want to be sure. Each venue has a login on the Arch website and can check analytics, update information and even send out push notifications to users within their radius.
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Sounds like a wonderful idea. Our society is not uniform and the issues we may have to deal with when travelling and living overseas go beyond attitude and general acceptance. I hope to see a tool like this become a force to change the minds of those in-power at least in-favour of tourism and foreign income. Good luck!
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@dmitrizzle I appreciate your positivity! 😊
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Obvious idea but seems like a very well-thought-out execution! Great design, your process of adding new places and giving the venues a way to update their details sound very thorough and fool-proof! Of course it needs more cities, hope it gets really popular! Good luck 😙
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@anna_0x Thank you Anna! I'm trying my very best to make it as flexible for the venues as possible. I appreciate your time for checking it out! :-)
cool product guys, I founded a product related to travel as well. Would love to hear your feedback.