A physically demanding virtual reality fantasy action game

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Ross Currie
Founder, Brutal TearDowns
Arcane is the latest Virtual Reality game from Offpeak Games, a local indie studio here in Perth, Western Australia. At its core, Arcane is a wave shooter, but its rapid transition between attack and defence modes create a highly addictive game that requires quick reflexes and strategic thinking. Basically, you get to be a wizard fighting on a bridge. If you're not shouting "You shall not pass", you're doing it wrong.
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Christopher Parkin
Co-Founder, Offpeak Games
This is our latest game for the HTC Vive (and coming to Oculus Touch in January) We put in a lot of effort to get the physics and core mechanics feeling really great and we think this shows through perfectly in the final product. We opted with a clean and colourful look, with a low-poly style for optimisation. The combat gets really intense, as enemies come at you from each side, forcing you to choose when to attack and when to deflect, parry and block their attacks. We also made the weapons very unique, such as using a magical katana to do ranged attacks, or a guideable rocket gauntlet that you fire off your hand and guide to your target. A lot of the replayability comes from mixing and matching different weapons in each hand, and experimenting with all the different playstyles that are possible. We hope you enjoy!
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