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Kiran Bhatraju — Arcadia Power
Hey Everyone,

This is Kiran, cofounder and CEO of Arcadia Power. We're on a mission to give everyone in the country access to renewable energy, and we're doing it by remaking the customer utility experience from the ground-up, and personalizing it.

We've built a platform to manage utility billing and renewable energy certificate purchasing across 450+ utilities in all 50 states. Our customers link their local utility accounts, and receive just one consolidated energy bill from Arcadia Power every month. We match your local power usage with wind energy certificates, and provide you access a personal energy dashboard with information on usage analytics, efficient home products, smart thermostats, community solar programs, and more.

Google, Amazon, and the entire Fortune 500 have been buying on these markets for years and for the first time ever we're making it free. No joke. If you sign up to pay your bills with us, we'll cover 50% of your usage with Wind power for no additional cost. Check us out, tell us what you think, and switch your dirty energy bill to wind power.

@kiranraju so how can you afford to offer 50% wind power at no additional cost to customer?
Kiran Bhatraju — Arcadia Power
@ejameswill Wind Power prices have plummeted in the past few years, and we want to pass those benefits onto consumers. We have long-term contracts with Wind Farms that allows us to buy low-cost certificates. We also have a 100% option that costs a few extra bucks a month. We offer all customers additional tools and renewable energy services to help you save on your bills too.
Rahul Kamath — Teen,Student
@kiranraju why is ratings and comments disabled in YT?
I've been a customer for nearly 2 years... I sleep better at night knowing that I can tell my 2 daughters when they grow up that I wasn't afraid to pay a small premium for energy that isn't contributing to climate change that they will suffer more than me. Great product that is easy to signup and requires essentially no more of your time than that.
Kiran Bhatraju — Arcadia Power
@dissolved Thanks for being a customer Ryan!
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