Great lunch from a great restaurant sent via text (NY only)

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Timely with @thinker's SMS-based Apps collection today. I've seen a few other food delivery services start with this SMS approach. Is this simply an MVP or do you plan to build a website/app down the road, @ashaunak?
@thinker @rrhoover The thinking for now is that we want to keep it SMS only with a layer of AI built in. We will have a very simple website but most conversations/exchange will happen via sms.
@thinker @ashaunak @rrhoover What other food delivery services started / are using SMS approach, just curious? Thanks Ryan!
@jjeremycai There used to be a food delivery texting service in Toronto called @getgob but they closed down after only a few months. I believe it was due to the fact that Toronto lacks density and even population to get the type of profit margins for food delivery. There's also a service in Seattle but I forgot the name. I am not aware of any others, but would definitely be interested to see what else exists.
@thinker @rrhoover @jjeremycai Not sure which other "new" services use SMS based ordering but we are of the view that many traditional companies will very start exploring SMS as a way to transact. Mainly for convenience and simplicity. Our other business -- Served by Stadium is web based business and we saw an opportunity to simplify the ordering process for folks who place orders for single dishes who don't want to be overwhelmed by all the choices which is how Arcade was born. I met with the founder of another NY based company recently called Lunchola which is also SMS based.
@ashaunak @rrhoover there's also another NYC company I met at a PH meetup called @curplated trying something similar, I don't have adding access or I'd add them as a product though :)