Arc Studio Pro is screenwriting with mindful collaboration, worry-free editing and creative experimentation.

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📝 Great to see a modern take on screenwriting (including clean implementations of all the difficult tech parts like collaborative editing and versioning). You can tell a lot of love went into the product.
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Hey, Michi here, from Arc Studio Pro. We want to bring a modern approach to screenwriting, with easy real-time collaboration, automatic versioning and backups for worry-free editing, and new tools for story-visualization and experimentation. All that without sacrificing the simplicity of pen and paper – hence a lot of work went into designing the features to be accessible yet unobtrusive. We're aware that switching to a new tool is a hard sell for writers, but we really studied current workflows and where looking for improvements that would make the switch a no-brainer. Let me know what you think, I'm here to answer any questions!
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@michihuber can you tell us a bit about how offline support works?
@__tosh We know how important writing offline is for writers, and this was the most requested features in our initial user tests. A lot of real-time collaboration tools struggle with this (even Google Docs tries to hide this from their users). We took great care to get this right – we don't interrupt your flow when you go offline and seamlessly sync when you come back online. We also want to take this further and enable truly async workflows – stay tuned 😉
Alright. I'll do it. I'll test the app by writing a screenplay with it. THEN I'll leave my review. @__tosh @michihuber