Arc App 2.1

The best location and activity tracker for iOS.

Arc App 2.1 is the best location and activity tracker for iOS. It learns what kind of transportation you use and which places you go to. With the 2.1 update it also got an import function for your Moves data.

  • Pros: 

    Great tracker, better than Moves


    Like Moves it might be a drain on the iPhone battery

    Arc is without a doubt the best daily tracker of your activities. It’s free, allows you to upload your Moves backup and is quite intuitive. Perfect so far.

    Fred Nanson has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Great detection of transport and locations.

    Easy GPX export.

    It gets better as you use it, its fun to make it work better.


    Battery usage is pretty high.

    Stijn has used this product for one year.
Note that tomorrow is the last day for exporting your Moves data from the Moves website, before they shut it down! Don't forget to grab your before it's too late!
Since Facebook is killing Moves soon, I was looking for a proper alternative. Arc logs your location and activity with your privacy in mind. Optional iCloud sync available. Version 2.1 added a Moves import function which lets you import all your old location data.
When I found Arc I was looking for a Moves replacement. What I got was something even better than Moves. Detects altitude (cool for a cyclist), really slick design, and best of all, a dedicated developer that is super responsive and shipping weekly updates (I don’t think Moves updated in over a year).
I've been using this since day one and its a really good alternative to Moves. And now they've added a Moves import function 🙌
Arc is pretty great. I second everything that's been mentioned already and have been using it for a long while now (can't recall how long). For a bit, it would give me random blocks of "missing data" for times I knew for certain it was running in the background and not closed. However, that was several months ago and any problem in that area seems to have been straightened out. I'm a huge fan and kudos to the dev for being responsive, as mentioned above, and innovative in creating an app that does something not new in an entirely new way.