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Hi folks! We just shipped a big update to Arc a couple of days ago, with a learning engine that can automatically detect walking, running, cycling, car, bicycle, train, bus, boat, and airplane travel. And it gets smarter the more you use it :) It's still just a pet project, but hopefully it's polished enough to be useful. Let us know what you think! Thanks :)
@sobri909 Hi Matt, I'm really liking this app. Great work! I've sent you an email with a few specific questions. I look forward to your reply.
@sobri909 I really want to try Arc. It looks the perfect replacement for Moves and I can't find any alternative that does the same job. But I have an iPhone 5c and I just get a message saying I can't get it when I try to download. Any solution for me? Thanks
@lesley_moss Unfortunately Arc requires the motion coprocessor, so it's not possible to support the 5c ๐Ÿ˜ž But if you ever upgrade to an iPhone SE, that will work! The SE is a great little phone ๐Ÿ˜„
Love it, well done indeed, the best implementation of location / activity recording I have seen before. Please keep developing.
What are you doing with the data collected?
@jamierytlewski i would like to know this also
@jamierytlewski @c0rv0s the last hero section on their website - - then again on their privacy policy - it's getting the download from me, I loved Moves, but its risk of sharing data with Facebook killed it for me, so glad that this is data is yours only
@balupton thanks. Didn't even notice.
@jamierytlewski Your timeline items and activity event data (basically everything you see in the app) is only in your private iCloud container [Edit: And a lot of it actually never even goes that far, and never leaves the app], so Arc (or I) can't do anything with it outside of the app itself. The app does build anonymised "activity type fingerprints" for each of your activities (walking, cycling, bus, train, car, etc), which are then combined into shared fingerprints, to make the app more accurate for everyone. The fingerprints are things like distribution maps of movement speed, steps per second, altitude, accelerometer data, etc. So when all that is combined together it allows the app to "fingerprint" match your current activity type, to distinguish between a train or a car trip, for example. Your personal fingerprints aren't shared - those are private. The combined "global" fingerprints, made up of the combined values of everyone's individual fingerprints, are shared. So there's enough information in the "global" fingerprints to answer questions like "what's the most common walking speed in this city" or "what altitude do planes fly over this ocean" or "how much does the phone shake around while people cycle in this city". Basically the philosophy is: Don't store anything that doesn't need to be stored. And don't share anything that doesn't need to be shared. The app isn't a data collection business, it's a personal pet project. So it stores everything as privately and securely as possible, and only aggregates enough anonymised data necessary to improve the accuracy.
I would love to use something like this, but I just don't know what to do with the collected data. Any things I could really use the data for? EDIT: I'm also curious about data export and backup?
@manuelauer Export is something high on my wish list. I just haven't had time to build it yet :( Though the data is accessible by your personal iCloud account, stored in your private container, so it wouldn't be too hard to export from there if you've got some basic programming skills. That's also how the app does backup and restore - from your private iCloud container. As to what to use it for, personally I find it useful for knowing things like how long on average I stay at Starbucks each day (the app builds personal "Place Data" for the places you visit regularly), or how long it takes me to get from home to the mall, or what times of the day I'm most often at home. That sort of thing. If you've got an Apple Health connected wearable (eg Apple Watch or other smart watch), then it can also keep track of your heart rate and calories burnt for each timeline item. So I use that to see how many calories I burn on average while at the gym, and whether my current gym visit is above or below average, whether my heart rate has been higher than usual, etc.
@sobri909 Thanks for your answer! Looking forward to new updates. Also: I just accidentally marked a car drive as none of the above and now it's gone. Any way to revert this? I just wanted to confirm that I was driving.
@manuelauer Unfortunately there's no undo feature yet :( But you can go into timeline items then scroll to the bottom of details view and tap on "Recorded Activities". From inside there you can sometimes rescue bits that you want to keep as separate timeline items.
@manuelauer I've just seen that the export function was realized in the meantime! Accessible via the calendar view (click "today" at the top of the app). Even automatic daily gpx exports to iCloud are possible.
Now that Facebook is sunsetting Moves and has a data export, any chance you will make an import feature for all this data? I have almost 5 years of Moves data and I don't really want to lose it :(.
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@johan_strom Yep! I'm working on the Moves data import feature today, and hope to have it ready by the end of the week ๐Ÿ˜„
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@johan_strom @sobri909 Hey Matt, any updates on this feature? Hope you can add it soon: would be superrrr! Thanks in advance buddy!
@johan_strom @frank_tet Hopefully the Moves importer will go live tomorrow! It's just waiting for Apple to approve the update.
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