AR Solo Basketball app

This AR app that turns anywhere into a basketball court

#3 Product of the DaySeptember 24, 2017

In AR Solo Basketball, you can play shoot hoops wherever you are, whenever it is. Just let the app detect an open space floor, it will set a basketball court on it, and you can start!

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This is incredible. One thing, though, can you add a button to retrieve the ball without having to walk over and pick it up? ...Also, multiplayer.
@rueter Nice! social is my goal but not sure if arkit could support two player share the same court to play.
@liwei_yu check out the most recent Apple Keynote, the ARKit demo shows a game enabled for multiplayer. You’d have to set up a server, though, in all likelihood. Imagine being able to play a game of Horse anywhere...😋 BTW amazing work on the app, it’s very impressive.
@rueter Good comment about picking up the ball. Walking around to pick it up takes the fun away.
@rueter @liwei_yu +1 on the suggestion for ball retrieval button. The app is brilliant outside of the lack of that one feature. Great job!
@liwei_yu I'm actually working on a multiplayer sync library for ARKit using a mapping backend. Feel free to reach out if you're interested :)
If you are new to AR technology, this will surprise you! If you love basketball, this will wow you and you will never stop!

If you have a nice open area, it's really cool to play with ! works really well 👌🏀


Works really well ! 🔥


Maybe add multiplayer ? Other Game mode ? 😁

Even Kobe Bryant would love to try this app :)
This is cool! I wonder if you could use this to help people learn how to shoot better in real life !