AR Rockets

Launch rockets that are cheaper than SpaceX's 🚀

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AR Rockets is the newest app in things related to Augmented Reality and Rockets. With AR Rockets you can launch a rocket right from your phone using money. Start now!

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Dmytro Bilash
Dmytro Bilash@dmytro_bilash · Co-founder in CaptainGrowth
just funny thing)))
Cosmin Băluţă
Cosmin Băluţă@cosminbaluta · Marketing, Interbrands
why the heck from a bill? my currency isn't supported. why not add something simple also, like a white paper or the possibility to select your launch site. it's useless if you make a worldwide available app, which can only work with not-so-worldwide assets. i'm pissed cuz i've downloaded the app and i didn't launch a rocket. i want to launch a rocket.
Olga Krivoshapkina
Olga Krivoshapkina@olga_krivoshapkina · Health, self-improvement
Amusing :)
Cheng Zheng(Github@1c7)
Cheng Zheng(Github@1c7)@1c7_code · made:, working on:
not working on Samsung galaxy note 5, not sure if I use it in a wrong way. and the UI should be better, the button is pretty ugly