AR Monster T-shirt

Your halloween t-shirt with a virtual twist. No app needed.

Hi, I think this tee is exciting, as it is completely web-based and gestures towards a future with mixed-reality fashion on the streets / showing different visual identities depending on context / who's looking at us.

For now it's a cute monster growling and glitching on your tee at a Halloween party.

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Exciting indeed, would be cool to see even more monsters added to the collection in future so you never know which one will pop up! @szili
Exciting idea! I had something similar in mind, but not w monsters, which sounds cool!
Pretty nice! Guys! Where can I find a tutorial to make AR works on web like this one?
@fabio_garcia It's built on AR.js and A-Frame. There are plenty of resources and even Slack communities if you google it.