AR Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinner, re-imagined in AR

AR Fidget Spinner brings back the fidget spinner, in augmented reality. Play with multiple colors of spinners, anytime, anywhere. Never lose yours again.

1980: "I bet there will be flying cars in the future" 2017: [...]
I am just thinking why would someone use this app? even someone uses this that's transient. Nothing is sticky/vaue here.
@ankitjaininfo I'm pretty sure Shane didn't make the app with intentions to dominate the App Store. He made it because he can.
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@hristiyandodov best response 👏🏼
@ankitjaininfo I made this for fun and to play around with ARKit. One of my first apps, Drum Kit, didn’t have anything sticky, yet was a top Music app with 10 million downloads. The actual fidget spinner toy doesn’t have anything inherently sticky, so you never know :)
Awesome! 👏 Please, make it a paid subscription. $4.99/month for this great product.
@srjavierramos Don't think that's too cheap? I think this amazing feat of engineering is worth at least $9.99/mo.
@shanev if the first month it’s free, we got a deal🍻
Nice! Great use of AR 😎
Thanks for checking out my app. I made this to play around with ARKit and SceneKit. Welcome any feedback on how to make it better. I plan on adding motion blur, LEDs, smoke effects, and the ability to make your own custom spinner with your face on it :)
@shanev The app is nicely executed :)