AR Alphabets

Teach your kids the alphabet using AR 👪 AR Alphabets is an app for kids to learn Alphabets and many more things with fun. It works offline ..

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This is an Awesome starter app for kids to learn through Augmented Reality
It looks fantastic! I'll try it
Great job!! 😊
Hello All, Introducing you all the revolutionary Web AR app for Kids that works offline. What’s included? ------------------ 1. A to Z 3D models 2. Navigate between different letters to show a respective 3D model 3. Rotate 3D model 4. Zoom in / out 5. Speak support 6. Works offline (PWA Support) Prerequisites ------------------- An AR marker to scan. Scan the marker with letter 'G' or Print marker and scan (for better experience). Here is the link to the marker - Many more features are being cooked ... The product is open sourced as a contribution to the developer community Your feedback / suggestions are most welcome and much appreciated..
GJ! Need to try it.