Aqua Hydration

Set and track hydration goals 💦

Hydration is super-duper important and we all know it can be hard to know how much and when to drink during the day, and it can be very hard to motivate yourself to do it. Aqua Hydration is a simplistic app that takes your health and exercise data to calculate how much you need to drink every day sending you reminders along the way.

Backstory: This product was made by me a 17-year-old programmer. I got inspiration for this project in 2017 when Apple announced their annual WWDC scholarship competition. During that time I was going through a bunch of hydration issues daily because it was really hard to remember to hydrate and know how much I need to drink to hydrate. So after tons of research, I created a prototype for this app using apple's health kit and swift playgrounds. I won the scholarship and went to WWDC17. I was able to get tons of helpful advice relating to the design and functionality of the app. Two weeks ago it was released on the app store and I have been using my app to remind me to drink and today I am drinking at least 4L of water in total. The motivation I have gotten from the app allows me to be healthier than ever and have not had a hydration related hospital trip since. I am willing to answer any questions you may have relating to my story and my app. It would be absolutely fantastic if you helped support me by downloading my app and giving me feedback.