Share your social card, not your business card

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Hey folks, happy to share my new toy with you on here 😁 I dislike business cards so much, that when the time came to make them, I decided to build an app for it instead. Instead of using fancy tech, I went with email, because that wouldn't require the other person to have the app. Since typing in emails is not fun, I added Reverse Mode, which lets you pass your phone to the other person for them to type it in. At the end of the interaction, you get an organized app with your new AcQUAintances and they get a fancy profile in their inbox to remind them of you. The story behind the app and its features: Looking forward to your feedback and questions πŸ€“
@msavin awesome. Downloaded. Main thing I would want is the ability to whip out my phone and scan their card and have it immediately email them while we are at the event. I wouldn't want to type it out.
@minhistry Agree. I'll ping you with the story soon, I think it will resonate well. As far as card scanning - I hope it comes sooner than later :)
and on that note, if someone would like to look over the story, I'd appreciate it. let me know your interest at
@minhistry And, the story is up :), edited into original post
@msavin this is awesome Max!
Great work from @msavin!
@to thanks Trev 😎
Not sure I get the big draw here.... If you emailed someone, your email signature would likely tell them what they would need to know. Personally think that having an app for this just creates un-necessary steps that don't need to be taken. Could think like that because I don't do a lot of networking... Keen to hear what those networkers think of this
@bentossell Hey Ben, thanks for the direct comment - that's something I hear occassionally. Actually, the idea for Aqua emerged from that: when I would meet people, myself or them would send a blank email to the other person.. However, it wasn't organized or conducive to further interaction. There are three things that Aqua improves on over the inbox way: the contacts are organized, the profiles/themes are expressive, and combined with the personal message templates, it should boost response rate. Another feature I consider important is Reverse Mode, which is a UI that lets your new acquaintance enter their information for you. Since I've been working on it, a few similar apps popped up, and they seem to validate these notions. I'm close to publishing the story that will dive deeper into these manners... still setting things up 😁
@msavin did you consider using chat-interface instead of a separate app? Seems it may be more light-weight than having to download another app, plus anyone could then have their info passed over should they wish. less friction
@bentossell I'll assume we mean SMS when we say chat interace in this context, and that's something that I've considered and heard. However, it doesn't really fit with the short term or long term goals of the app. When it comes to phone numbers, there are issues around ownership, privacy and international support, among other things. I do think chat interfaces are interesting - its almost like providing the mass market with a user friendly terminal. However, I think there's cases where GUI is better and am inclined to say this is one of them.
This is a very interesting concept I enjoy how instantly it sends my info into their inbox it's a great leg up seeing as most cards are lost and others seldom have the time to input info into their contact while meeting people in person. I usually take photos of the cards so interestingly I think a smart scan feature that integrates it into my contacts would be incredibly valuable.
@andreanaomi777 thanks for your comment, and I agree regarding photos - its something I am considering for future versions
@msavin awesome job. I like your works including Meteor Toys. Is Aqua built with Meteor?