Automate AI training using active learning

Automate AI training with tools that learn to label your data.
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Hi Product Hunt! I'm the CEO & co-founder of Apres and I'm excited to share what we've been working on with you all today. Over our private beta, we've helped create millions of data points for companies managing an entirely new dynamic in their businesses: training data - it’s quality, quantity and balance. It can be a painful process, with current tools forcing companies to choose between cost and privacy. So we created Apres - an AI training tool to create higher quality training data more efficiently, built to keep your data private. The difference? Apres actively learns how to label your data to assist and slowly replace hand labeling. Rather than training all tools for all users, we provision a custom, private model for each individual automation. This allows you to: - Learn from the training data you create on or off the platform. - Accelerate labeling with ML assistance. - Improve data quality with programmatic oversight. - Optimize model results with training insights. - Lower costs using a mix of human (your team or ours) & machine labor. We would love for you to give it a try and are here to answer any questions. Thanks for checking us out! Matt & the Apres team (Subbu, Faik & Miha)
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Like Mechanical Turk, works best when tasks are clearly defined and make sense


Slick interface, flexibility, price, responsiveness


Can be confusing to first timers - maybe more tutorials/tooltips?

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I like this product very much for training AI models via text tagging, phrase tagging, image annotation and categorization. Once rules for tagging, annotation, etc are defined it can automatically use these for batch processing of text files, image files, etc.
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@alfonso_bonillas Thanks for the kind words!