Gift wrap with a curated set of app icons printed on it

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Maker here, would love to talk AppyPaper and answer any questions you have about our product. AppyPaper is simply a gift wrap with a curated list of app icons printed on it, made available to anyone for free. It's a fun, unique and fresh spin on the boring old holiday gift wrap that is sure to intrigue and grab attention. We like to say that AppyPaper puts the 'app' in Happy Christmas. Our gift wraps although targeted at people who intend to gift mobile devices this holiday season, can be used to wrap any type of gift for any occasion. During our beta test of 1000 sheets, recipients of AppyPaper wrapped gifts took great pains to carefully remove and preserve the AppyPaper. Some recipients even considered it a soft recommendation of apps from the gifting party. We plan to print 100,000 sheets of AppyPaper with a capacity for 1,000,000+ sheets depending on demand. Here are some benefits of AppyPaper to app developers: 1. Save money. Promoting apps during the holiday season is very expensive. AppyPaper gives developers a far cheaper buy-in and better ROI. 2. Stand out from the crowd. AppyPaper helps developers' apps stand out in a crowded holiday season marketing landscape. By utilizing this new medium to create awareness and deliver brand messaging, developers can cut through the noise while eliciting a positive emotional response from potential users. 3. Share in the love. AppyPapers capture users' attention on the happiest day of the year when they are most excited about their new devices and developers' app gets to share in all that goodwill. 4. Perfect timing. The mobile devices gift wrapped with AppyPaper will certainly require new apps once activated. The apps printed on AppyPaper will get to be front and center at a time when users are in the most need of new apps - a perfect example of being in the right place at the right time. It's the next best thing to having your app pre-loaded on the device. Thanks Team Product Hunt...Keep Hunting!!
This is something I imagine our team would enjoy.... wrap the whole office?
@bentossell tbh, I really like the absurd Gift Wrap Faces. 😁
Interesting. That's creative. Time to troll my family members thinking I got them cool devices, but definitely got them clothes. Haha. :P
@everywheresean Absolutely. Perhaps get them clothes with iPhones printed on them. That would be double trolling.
It's cute and could be a good source of promotion, if it's not torn quickly to get to the goods. Personally though I find there is something thrilling about not knowing what's wrapped inside and being surprised and then delighted as I tear away the wrapping.
@joshbarkin Great point but also knowing what's inside or at least having some idea of what's about to be unwrapped is also very exciting. You get to start the celebration and saying your "thank you's" ahead of time.