SDK for iOS spotlight search optimization & smart indexing

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Hey guys! I’m one of the makers of AppWords Spotlight Optimization. We built this in order to help with one of the main avenues of mobile search: iOS Spotlight search. Ever since Apple launched deep link search with iOS 9, developers had to develop a whole strategy around how they index their content (because you can't index all of it)- and they have mainly been just showing content that users have been to before.  But that's not helpful for search- that's just glorified bookmarking! So we updated the AppWords SDK to include our new Spotlight Optimization/smarter indexing technology, so we can take signals and cues from other apps on the users phone, and then index the right content for queries we think are about to happen. For example: if you buy a movie ticket for a certain theatre (as one does ;) , we can notify restaurant apps on your phone to send to the core index a bunch of restaurant pages that are near that theatre. So when the user goes to search for a restaurant, the restaurant’s app content (and relevant to that location) will already be indexed and show up in the results. Deeplink is a mobile search company. We focus on getting app content found by users at the right time- be it during a spotlight search, after an intent/action inside of another app, etc. In this new mobile age, intents are declared in many different ways, and we aim to provide different solutions for the multiple mobile search avenues. @noahklausman blogged about Spotlight Optimization here: and here:
This is a super simple SDK to help get your app content indexed in a smart way by, so you show up in more relevant iOS Spotlight searches. If you're already integrating iOS 9 spotlight search support, it's a great way to enhance it.
Really cool!. gets the job done!
This looks like a pretty neat SDK! The Deeplink team usually makes some great product, I'll make sure to look into it. Keep it up guys!
@itamarw This is brilliant! Spotlight as the future of search is something that's been on my mind for a long time. How do you pick up the cues from other apps?
@jmonegro thanks Joel! Spotlight is probably one of many avenues for mobile search, but a popular one! We get cues from other apps using our deep links and/or AppWords SDK.