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Hey @nameet, is the navigation/shopping experience all native? And then for the checkout, are you wrapping the desktop site's checkout within the app? Also, integrating with so many store providers must have been super hard. How'd you go about doing that?
@mscccc @nameet Hey. The navigation, shopping is all native. In order to have a seamless checkout and register the products sold in the merchants existing inventory management system, the checkout happens through the merchants existing checkout system. You are right about the integrations, we have been ramping up the integrations team and plan to have around 20 platforms integrated in the coming months.
Hi, how do you handle app transfers down the road should we decide to later move the store to a different technology or build in-house, etc?
@darcybrown Hey, porting the app should not be a problem. There are two scenarios here; 1. If move to a different technology provider, we just ask you to authenticate your new inventory management system and automatically swap to the new one. 2. If you decide to build in-house, we will figure a way to transfer the app to you. On a side note, the ownership of the app within the app store can be easily transferred.
@Nameet - Thanks for the reply. I'm trying to get my head around not being locked-in so to speak. It seems like a great service to start with, but want to understand the growth path should we desire to later rebuild it (scenario 2). So not asking about owing the code, but owning the IDs and Keys, etc. For Android apps, how do you handle the keys, do you give us the secret key you use so that we can continue to use the same app id? Are the bundle/app ids on iOS/Android something that we can control, or are these all your bundle ids that we would then inherit form you all for the rest of the apps lifecycle? (ie. com.apptuse.mycompany years down the road may be undesirable.) Having some details on your website regarding how we can later migrate out could be helpful for folks like me.
@darcybrown Should you decide to migrate in the future, we would be happy to assist you with the process (including transferring same app id). ๐Ÿ˜Š
Hi, I am here in case you have any questions + feedback + suggestions
Apptuse is focused on crafting elegant and native shopping apps for businesses and individuals. We currently integrate with 6 platforms including Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento, Woocommerce, Spree Commerce and Kartrocket. Apptuse also supports multiple languages and can have your app ready to be shipped in under a day.
@Nameet Does one have to their own App Store/Play Store accounts for publishing the apps? What about the payment gateway? I could use Woocommerce to maintain my inventory, but do I need to have a PG integrated in Wordpress for it to work on the app as well?
@sahilk @Nameet Hi. Please find my responses below: 1. If you have your App Store/Play store credentials we can you can upload them from your account. We also have our own account so for those who dont have developer accounts, they don't have to get one to get their app up. 2. We integrate with the existing checkout page of your ecommerce website, so if you already have PayPal/Amazon Payments + a regular gateway integrated with your store, all of those will be automatically available within the app. To answer your questions, Yes, if your woocommerce store needs a payment gateway, you will need to have it integrated into your store and once you do that, it will also be available within your app.
@Nameet Sweet! Thanks. Useful recommendation to give to people who want make this easily. :D
@sahilk that is exactly what we would love to do! Power business to sell on mobile, instantly ๐Ÿ˜Š
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