Continuous Hack Prevention for Online Applications

AppTrana is a managed & affordable security as a service solution for web applications


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    Quick, reliable and affordable



    AppTrana is one of the most powerful app security tools for companies of all sizes.

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  • Shiva Shenoy
    Shiva ShenoyCTO, CXC Solutions



    None that I can think of right now

    The team working on it is very responsive.

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Venkatesh Sundar
Venkatesh SundarMaker@sundarvenkatesh · Founder, CMO, Indusface, AppTrana
Thanks Sujan for hunting us! Can’t wait to see you folks try out our product and provide your feedback. AppTrana is a completely managed, extremely affordable security as a service solution for web applications. AppTrana is designed to address the shortcomings in existing one-size fits all cloud security solutions that try to protect sites without understanding the risk posture of the sites. Such approaches are bound to fail as security is as good as the weakest link. With AppTrana, the first step is to identify the risk posture of the site through AppTrana’s automated scans and manual pen testing. Once the vulnerabilities are found, you can easily find what vulnerabilities are automatically protected through its WAF rules and what needs custom rules in the AppTrana portal and request custom rules which our experts will create to ensure complete protection. AppTrana also provides false positive monitoring and fine-tuning of rules by experts to ensure that legitimate traffic is not blocked. AppTrana is the perfect for solution for business with online applications, and at less than $12 per day for the premium offering, it’s affordable for businesses of any size. Look forward to hearing from you folks after you try out our product. The Advance plan comes with a free trial for 14 days and the entire onboarding happens with zero downtime in few minutes. Try it out @