Useful tools for mobile app creators is a collection of tools to help app developers marketing and promote their apps. A easy to use screenshot builder, a website landing page generator and iTunes review tracking. Built by GoLocalApps on the open source codebase.

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Hey all (and thanks @ericwillis). So I was an early user of Launchkit. With more than 50 apps at the time the Screenshot builder was a lifesaver for time. And as @mulligan released new options, I became an early user and beta tester for some of them. So when Google bought Cluster, my first thought was "Great, now I have to find replacements for all of this." But since Launchkit was open sourced, we started digging into it and decided to bring it back, not just for ourselves, but for the other Launchkit users that wanted to keep using it. So in the Screenshot Builder, we've added horizontal screenshots. We should also have a tool done (hopefully today/tomorrow) that if you want to move your existing assets from LaunchKit to us (screenshots and websites) you can do it automatically.. If you're interested in that, let me know in the comments and we'll get it for you. Next up are a few other beta services that hadn't been completely launched by Launchkit: Sales Reporter - Apple changed something and it broke from last year. We're fixing it and then expanding the number of ways you can have your sales and reviews sent to you (Hipchat, FB Messanger, etc) SuperUser - Track your best users and give incentives to the users that are "close" to being a super user. Cloud Config - change settings in the code remotely and live Onboarding screens - also something you can edit and publish live Enterprise websites - need lots of single page website landing pages like we do? Pay one price and get a big discount Release Notes - (onboarding screen for each new release) Just as a tip for devs with competitive apps - you can use the Review Monitor to track your competition's reviews as well. Right now its free, but we'll be putting a cap on the number of apps you can track free (probably 5) and then a small charge monthly for all you can eat. Product Hunter discount - PH50off for two months pro service half off. Thanks again and let me know if you have questions, suggestions or the like.
@sacbookreviewer @mulligan love the review monitor! Just integrated it in my slack
@justawebguy Let me know what you think.
@sacbookreviewer oh, nooo. It's copy past of launchkit source code.
@sharifulin No its not. We used their open source, yes, and I stated that. But what they open sourced wasn't designed for front facing client use. And we had to do a number of customizations along the way, including adding in horizontal screenshots. While I appreciate you promoting your own tool (and one that we haven't added in yet), don't go just throwing shade off the bat. A lot of work has gone into this, well beyond a copy/paste of the launchkit code. Additionally we let @mulligan and team know we were working on this and setting it up as an alternative to Launchkit once it was shut down in July.
@sacbookreviewer Thanks for your reply. Now your landing page is full copy of LK and it's my concern. Horizontal screenshots is good feature.
Make great screenshots, easy website landing pages and track your reviews.
When is Android Review monitoring expected?
@ieatsalot Its on the short list. Along with sales tracking for both platforms going to not just email and slack, but other messaging platforms you might be more interested in.
@tahorg currently using appfollow :p
@ieatsalot do you have any feedback for AppFollow? Btw we are featured in slack app directory as brilliant bot πŸ’ŽπŸ€–πŸ˜‰
@sharifulin Started using it today, I'll let you know once I have feedback ;)
So what was it like going through the code and making it yours?
@lemansunemarque Working in someone else's code is always odd. But we found some hidden stuff they'd been working on and never released, so that's now on the dev list
@sacbookreviewer @lemansunemarque now you have my curiosity peaked. ;)
Just fucking awesome.