Launch Mac apps with custom keyboard shortcuts

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Just go with Alfred guys!
Very well made! Good job!
@pallav_agarwal Thanks, Pallav! I'm glad you like Apptivate.
Hey, Product Hunt! I created Apptivate back in 2010 when I needed a small and simple app for launching applications and running scripts using hotkeys. There were other similar applications at the time, but either they only launched applications or they were too bloated, so I decided to write my own app. The development on Apptivate has stagnated since I don't have as much free-time as I used to (and since there are no critical issues), but I do make some progress on the entirely rewritten Apptivate 3.0 now and then. Since I use Apptivate every day myself, I'm quite motivated to keep the app alive. If you have any questions about Apptivate, let me know here or on Twitter (@boerworz or @apptivateapp)! Cheers, Tim
@boerworz @apptivateapp Is there a way to change the menu icon to not have a blue background? It's very distracting like that. Otherwise awesome app
@mikeyahdoot Unfortunately not. The only workaround for that issue is to restart Apptivate. Thanks!
@boerworz Any plans to fix this?
@mikeyahdoot I do have plans to fix it, but I can't say when it will be done. I need to update the code base (which has gone untouched for ~3 years) to not use GC and other deprecated technologies before I can fix this seemingly simple-to-fix issue.
Great app, but it's basically abandonware.
such a solid menu bar app.