The easiest way to make impactful mobile A/B tests

Apptimize lets you increase engagement and conversions for your app through A/B testing :). Let me know your questions and feedback because I'm a founder.
why should I switch from leanplum or vessel to Apptimize?
@ShaanVP Our users include one of the top 10 e-commerce companies in the world and top apps like Vevo (world's biggest music video app). They say they chose Apptimize because our visual editor lets them make updates in real time which gives the best results with minimal effort. Our users say our editors are the most advanced and that we have the best testing expertise because our team includes people who directed A/B tests that affected billions of users a day at companies like APT and Google Search and Ads. If you're not a big enterprise or your team is mainly devs you might not benefit as much from our value propositions and should choose a more developer oriented solution. Does this make sense?
Any speedbumps with respect to app store approval? just curious.
@stevesi We follow all the app store guidelines because we want them to like us! As long as we're changing properties of elements that were already approved, it's ok, and the top apps do a lot of A/B testing.
@stevesi Researching this for our app and found this old post. Have you seen portfolio company apps getting hurt in the approval process for using these tools? Or after they've already deployed? Seems like they are becoming more and more prevalent.
@odower I have not but I probably wouldn't be the first to hear.
Will you support React Native?