Import app reports from iTunes and Google Play to Sheets.

AppStoreMetrix is the first Google Sheets add-on that imports app store reports from iTunes Connect and Google Play to Spreadsheets. The add-on eases the data collection workflow for further analysis of app sales and download statistics by providing various filters and features like scheduled imports. Start your 30 day trial and give us feedback.

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Always great to see time-saving products in the community thanks @stefandreyer what features are the most helpful?
@abadesi, thanks for the acknowledgment! Our goal is indeed to save app developers and publishers time to retrieve their mobile app performance data from the backends of iTunes and Google. So instead of logging in, downloading zipped csv reports and pasting them to your spreadsheet or database, just use AppStoreMetrix to automate this process. Most helpful are usually getting the reports about downloads, in-app sales, app crashes or user acquisition to Google Sheets. Our feature that probably will improve efficiency the most is to schedule imports, so the data automatically appears on your spreadsheet every day, week or month without you lifting a finger ;)
Woah, I totally add it to my Google Sheets collection. From my experience I know, that's a huge pain for non-IT ppl to get mobile metrics in the spreadsheet about mobile apps. Nice to see another GSheet-based tool.
@jedrzejurbanski I am glad you also identified the same pain point we are trying to solve. :) Will checkout your Sheetsu as well. GSheets add-ons 4tw ;)
Dear Hunters, I am glad to answer any questions about mobile app reporting, Google Sheets add-ons and the like. And of course I welcome any feedback to further improve our product AppStoreMetrix, the add-on that helps you automatically import, manage and analyze your app store reports in Google Sheets.
@stefandreyer Hi, is AppStoreMetrix abandoned? Your website doesn't work. Are you going to keep developing it in the future?
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@stefandreyer Any update either way?
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Very interesting, thanks