Build native iOS prototypes online.

#1 Product of the DayOctober 11, 2015
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Easily create native iOS apps using common web technologies like XML,CSS and JavaScript. Your app will be 100% native and you can start developing online, for free.
@kwdinc Oh my word! This sounds like absolutely magic! *Rubs hands together gleefully*
@kwdinc I've played a little with it. I always love easy programming products. It's a little tough to get onboarded, though. I don't know what to do 😜. If you'd take a look at; they have a nice first experience with videos and mini lessons you could use for inspiration. Keep it up!
@kostgx @kwdinc Oh! I *just* got that it's meant to be for prototyping. My morning coffee ☕️ hadn't kicked in yet, so yeah :D Elegant and simple :)
@kostgx @kwdinc Thanks for the feedback, will do.
@kwdinc Cool stuff! What do you mean by 100% native?
This looks cool. ;)
I don't know how to begin building a native app myself without a programmer but if this works (i.e. is easy peasy) you've got yourself a winner. Good luck!
I envision these web-based app builders to be more "drag and drop". A very "visual" experience. Live up to their name of being "easy". Otherwise they're limiting because, as a web developer, I normally prefer to use my own editor for code. It would be great if you had a step by step tutorial that shows how to build the newsfeed app from start to finish. The online example doesn't appear to work otherwise. A preview mode etc. More prominent link to the documentation as well.
@nexttree Thank you for the feedback, just started working on a video tutorial :) Also you can still use your editor, by including a remote script (see "External Source Example" on the dashboard)
@nexttree I've been using which is more like what you're talking about. It can be confusing at first, but they've been really supportive and now I'm running native prototypes on my iPhone through Xcode. Just need to plugin a few API's and it's ready to ship on iOS AND Android.
it is cool. very much useful product . Thanks to the team .