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At the moment we are looking tool, like browserstack, to test our project on cross-platform. Is Appspotr suitable for us?
Bilal BudhaniFull Stack Maker ⚡️
@cackleru If I'm not wrong BrowserStack does support cross-platform testing. Any particular reason you looking for other solutions?
Mike LehmannWeb Developer / Creator
do they own the app or something? I am a bit confused by some of the FAQ's on there like this one: Can I publish apps on my own iTunes Connect or Google Play account? Yes, but only on Google Play. A solution for iTunes Connect is on the way.
Nick JessopCo-Founder @ Stepflow
@mike_lehmann I'm pretty certain that since they are not allowing you to export the source code it would have to be published through their Apple developer account. Therefore, under your app it would show 'Appspotr' as the publisher/author.
Mikael Löwgren
Founder RemindMeAt
@n_jessop correct if you look at their example app, jDays, it has appspotr as developer. Looking at "developer apps" on app store gives a huge list with examples from their platform. Kind of fun to see all the apps, I think there are many local apps around Sweden but not limited to that.
Stefanie Amini
Discovering Coffee & Gossip Media
So close yet so far! Why can't we pay to export the code. So atleast we can use it in the future but host with them perhaps. Do they therefore own the app?
((-_-))I.K. Eu. Innovations | I.T. | C.c.( )
Love the fact that this can be used to create apps. I do not like the fact that I don't have control entirely over any apps I make. I will assume they own the app. I used a service like this in the past and lost out big time with ad revenue. If they would allow the exporting of the source code this would be wonderful.