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Looking good. Really something can give a shot ! From PH it's free for 3months of premium features. And designs are compelling too ! Great work and get best
@riser_spy Thank you. Looking forward to hear from you soon and see you using our product!
@classicchins @riser_spy can you serve at (very large) scale with a high level of SLA? and do you provide API integrations?
@ourielohayon Yes, we can. We do have API's as well, but not publicly available yet.
@ourielohayon @classicchins Surely I think appmonk provides integrations. I haven't tested it yet and was talking with my team about it. And, I think Service level agreement on large scale is also supported. @classicchins please give your view on this.
Add in-app chat, push notifications, e-mail and SMS for user engagement, support and growth in one simple integration
@kwdinc Thanks a lot for hunting us. Hello all hunters, I am Chinmaya Shankar, founder of Appsmonk. Appsmonk is an honest effort to provide one-stop solution for mobile customer engagement needs. Our simple SDK integration will enable * Real time In-App Chat * Push Notifications * Email * SMS * User Analytics We currently have android SDK ready and coming out with iOS SDK very soon. Please write to me here for any queries/support. More over, all hunters will receive free premium account for 3 months! Cheers
Push notifications would be amazing.. Anyways, this all awesome.
@s_craper Thanks for appreciating. We would love it even more when you start using our product and give us your feedback!
@classicchins definitely will in the AM! I just submitted 2.0 of my product as well.
have been looking for similar product for our apps
@pavantalla Great! Looking forward to have your apps onboard soon!
Great product. Will give it a try. @classicchins let me know if we can talk .
@d3f3nd0r Thanks. Definitely, let's talk. You can reach me on -