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seems like it's down...
@gergmuure Homepage of hackernews took us down. Try again now.
I know some really great developers with pretty successful apps who still have TERRIBLE websites. Seems like lots of people could use this- assuming the results are nice and shiny.
@MackFlavelle Same here. We'll be adding a ton more themes in the future. Be on the look out :)
@rrhoover can you change "Crate" to "Create" in the tagline? Thanks!
@merket done! I'll send you the bill later. :)
Nice -- we made it on Product Hunt! :) This is a side project @erikuix, @seamoss and I have been working on. We noticed that websites were mostly after thoughts for many app developers, and set out to make 1) beautiful and 2) easy to make a website for your apps. To create a site, all you need to do is paste in your iTunes and Google Play URL. We fetch your app's assets, apply some magic, ad your website is ready to go in minutes. We'd love your feedback on the concept, UX, pricing, and anything else that comes to mind. Thanks again! Shameless plug: If you want to help us design some sick themes, we would love to pay you. :) Hit me up Ryan
@merket One bit of feedback: It would be awesome if there were some examples up so I knew what I was getting before pasting in my link. I think it's awesome that it's easy enough to paste in the link and you run the magic and spit something out. But there is still a sense of uncertainty that prevented me from doing it right away.
@sproutworx Absolutely. That's been a common bit of feedback. We'll add some examples ASAP. Thanks for trying it!
this is awesome, like @MackFlavelle said: there are a lot of skilled app developers with poor websites and this seems like an easy way to create a lander. @merket any info on the pricing? I assume it's pay per site you publish? Think bundles (pay 4 get 5 or something) would be nice for serial app launchers :)
@bramk Hey Bram! Thanks! Pricing is currently free if you don't mind having your website on the domain (eg: and then $9/mo/app. $39/mo for 5 apps. We can also customize a plan uniquely for large developers. We also plan to offer app suite themes as well -- we ill be announcing something soon around this.