Find SDKs & services used by iOS mobile apps

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Hey guys, thanks for hunting this. I am part of the team that built this. We'd love for you guys to use it and give us feedback and feature requests. Thanks!
This is fascinating. How does it tell which SDKs are involved? Does it look at network traffic? Static code analysis to see if particular libraries are linked in?
AppSight is a very cool resource to see which SDKs other mobile apps are using. One of the biggest challenges at any startup is deciding when to implement SDKs & which products to choose. One of the features I love is the Changelog that allows you to see when SDKs were added/removed to apps. This eliminates some of the smoke & mirrors that inevitably occur when choosing tools. Hopefully this product helps startups make good decisions when picking SDKs - which I had this tool earlier in my career!
Also in this category: love the idea behind FounderKit-- unbiased reviews of startup tools from founders.
@jmj Thanks so much for the feedback on the Changelog! We want to be a key resource for mobile developers as well as SDK developers. This is an area where we feel both sides need more tools to help them make better ongoing decisions. Please spread the word!
This looks great, super helpful. Thanks for sharing!
Hey! Good idea! :) Some questions: How many apps are you tracking? Which is update frequency? Cheers,
@danielperis We are tracking hundreds of thousands of apps now. Update frequency is anywhere between hours to a day