Generate complete apps in Php / Pyhton / JScript in no-time.

AppSeed it's able to produce Admin Dashboards, Corporate Websites or even a CMS in seconds using ONLY a HTML theme as input.

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  • Teo Deleanu
    Teo DeleanuDeveloper

    Generates backend and builds up a working web application from an existing theme. Can be also used as inline product.


    Initial phase, not fully automated, it requires some interaction with the team but the are very communicate and helpful.

    I am a beta tester and wanted to see how I can build up few of my ideas as MVP's without spending all my time with CSS, Javascript or other codes.

    The product will require domain automation later.

    Teo Deleanu has used this product for one week.
  • Chiru Mihai
    Chiru MihaiDeveloper & TL

    Backend for your web app it's production ready in few hours.


    Supported frameworks: CodeIgniter, Flask, Django and Laravel.

    The company plans to support in the next few weeks.

    My web app was integrated by AppSeed in CodeIgniter because

    my hosting was SHARED and using Laravel was impossible

    Also, i didn't care about the deployment

    (database set up, htaccess redirects + other low level stuff).

    AppSeed assist you on this part

    Chiru Mihai has used this product for one month.


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