Mobile analytics with user recordings & touch heatmaps

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UX tool with WORST on-boarding UX.

I wanted to see their pricing, requested pricing. Their agent added me on LinkedIn, called me on my cell twice, sent me 2 emails in less than 30 min.

After I started discussion with their agent, she started asking me questions about my product, plus she asked me some confidential information about product. Wow.

I've told her, few times, that I don't have time for that kind of conversation. I just need pricing.

After I quit, she sent me simple pricing table with all infos that I needed.

Advice for Appsee:

Put Pricing to be publicly visible. I really wanted to purchase their plans, but after this experience, I'm torn should I go with them or search for alternative.


Looks like great tool.


Hiding pricing table, requesting lot of infos just to show me pricing table.

Suprisingly same thing happened with me. A call, an email happened to just know the pricing. Point is what is the harm in adding pricing table, I am quite sure they are aware of benefits of public pricing , only thing I have felt is their pricing is very high so they want us to integrate first and than think about sunk cost if we don't go ahead.
Hi Product Hunt! We're very excited to roll out our newly improved mobile app analytics solution and we would love to hear your feedback. In short, Appsee is an app analytics platform designed for startups, SMBs, and enterprises. Appsee goes beyond reporting basic, quantitative data by providing mobile teams with visualization tools. The user recordings and touch heatmaps allow you to see for yourself how users actually behave within your app. These tools can help you pinpoint where you can optimize your user experience and troubleshoot issues from performance to usability. In addition to user session recordings and touch heatmaps, here are some of the other features Appsee offers mobile app makers: - Realtime In-App Analytics - provides key metrics to help you understand how engaged your app users are, their activity over time, which device and OS they use and their geographic breakdown. - Crash Recordings - detects and records crashed sessions automatically. You can see the exact sequence of actions that resulted in a crash with your own eyes and identify the single UI element causing the crash. - Conversion Funnels - allows you to configure conversion funnels for relevant processes within your app, measure the conversion rates, and understand the reasons for the success or failure of each process. In addition, you will be able to see the average completion time for each step. - Actionable Insights - act on pinpoint insights from the Appsee solution to maximize customer engagement, conversions and in-app monetization. - Auto-Detect UI Problems - detects unresponsive actions made by your users, such as taps, swipes or pinches, and helps you to optimize the UI. - Easy Setup & Integration - just drop the Appsee SDK in your app and add a single line of code. Takes less than 1 minute! Feel free to ask any questions or just give us some feedback. I'll be around and happy to answer any questions you may have about Appsee!
After trying out various tools like Mixpanel and Kissmetrics I found Appsee to be the best solution out there to best serve my needs. Really great product!
@guy_shachar That's so great to hear! We're happy to give app makers that extra visual layer that they aren't getting on other platforms.
Hi @Zahi_B It looks nice. I'm looking forward to see what your product can do (already requested demo).
Looks great, What app development platforms do you guys support?
@yanay_sela Thanks! All the big ones for iOS and Android, such as Unity, Cocos, Cordova, OpenGL, etc.
Does it support tvOS?
@zahi_b can I use Appsee in a React Native app?
@falafelizer Yes! We fully support React Native apps.
@lorismaz Unfortunately, we don't support tvOS at this time.