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#4 Product of the DayMarch 26, 2016
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There is an app builder with less and less creative name and interface/features coming out almost each day. I can't see the point but maybe it's just me
@noxowe dont think the name should be that much of an issue.... (that can be argued obviously ha) Reduced functionality vs others out there (as there are a lot) is either a strategic move to target a particular subset of users or just not able to keep up... hope its not the latter but its the same in so many industries... same premise, slight feature differentiation... it can be a blessing and a curse in the age of seemingly unlimited options to use but I still think the competition should be pushing others to innovate in different ways, not just varied functionality levels
@bentossell I totally agree with you but I lost faith after the 3rd or 4th app like this. As I can see (obviously i hope it's not the case here as i hope each time) many of these products wreck in later stages because they can't bring in the critical mass needed for this kind of software
@noxowe My initial reading is that this is not really a code generator but you have to continuously pay to keep your app alive. Have any products / services you've found actually been able to sustain themselves with this model?
@lynnfredricks Well I think that the only model that works (and the only app builder that I value) is what does. They are basically giving away premium modules for $5/month. It's not much but for a basic app you don't need to pay, they keep developers attracted because they get some $$$ from the modules they develop and they can also get some $$$ to innovate. The problem is that they also couldn't bring in the mass of people they needed to so I guess they are either developing something else or running super low on money by now.
the price is simply crazy. ... and I eat, sleep apps daily (is my main job) , specially if you consider what you are offering vs the competition out there.
App Builder seemed to get a rebranding it seems. Still great product.
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