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I would dare say this project was inspired by Product Hunt itself.
@BlendahTom heh, yeah. Read their announcement blog post: If Product Hunt Was Just For Apps… What do you think about their share to upvote (when you tweet, post to FB or pin, it increases the vote count)?
@rrhoover I like that they are trying to differentiate themselves but not sure that voting mechanism translates without an existing community already established. I also dig the easter eggs ideas too.. It will be interesting to see if Chris over at DailyTekk can build a community around it.
@BlendahTom the aggregation level of curation is quite ideal at Product Hunt, at least for me. I don't need to dive down into apps, i can trust that the apps I really want to check out will probably surface here on PH
Well done with this!
That contact page is a little harsh if you ask me.
@sterlingtoth Hahaha it's so long!