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Write GSuite add-ons and Google web apps locally in VS Code

#5 Product of the DayApril 22, 2019
Setup a local development environment inside Visual Studio Code and write your Apps Script projects in modern JavaScript. Build GSuite add-ons and other web applications that integrate with Gmail, Google Drive, Docs and all the other Google services.
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Google Apps Script ships with a Cloud IDE so you can get started quickly but it doesn't support any of the modern JavaScript features that were introduced in ES6 and later. I wrote the Apps Script Starter Kit to help you quickly set up a local development environment inside Visual Studio Code. You can now write Apps Script code using all the newer features of JavaScript and it still requires zero build configuration. The same kit has been used to build popular GSuite add-ons like Gmail Mail Merge and Document Studio that automate workflows using Google APIs. Apps Script Starter: Video Tutorial: Mail Merge for Gmail: Document Studio:

Can make ideas live in couple of minutes.


Very easy to start.


Nothing so far!

This is a very helpful app. Strongly recommended.


Very fast and transparent to start.


Also I think it needs more simple examples for beginners and life examples for advanced developers.

Thanks for the good feedback!
This looks brilliant - will definitely give it a go! :)
Hi Amit. This is a fantastic idea. Google App scripts can be super powerful! I recently was playing around with Google App scripts and the workflow was painful. I was constantly developing in my local IDE and copying+pasting to the cloud IDE and it was very slow. This would have really sped up development and allowed me to write in modern JavaScript. Will definitely check it out later!