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Andrew Stroup
Presidential Innovation Fellows
Hello world! A team of Presidential Innovation Fellows, in partnership with the General Services Administration, re-launched Apps.Gov to help government buyers procure cloud products and tech companies sell to the federal government. The federal government consists of 4.2 million government employees and a budgeted, yearly IT spend of $79.8 BILLION. We're focused on a few primary objectives with the alpha release of - help government buyers explore cloud-based products and understand the security reviews they have completed and available procurement options - help tech companies understand the current process of selling to the federal government - receive feedback on how Apps.Gov can iterate and curate both sides of the market to create an active marketplace Interested in selling to the federal government? Go to and submit your product! Have ideas on how to make this better? Everything is open-sourced to help deliver the best experience on both sides of the market. Check out the repo here and submit an issue or pull request You can read more on the launch @