Real-time user approvals via email, SMS, and mobile push

ApproveAPI lets you build real-time approvals and secondary verifications into any application or workflow. Provide a tap-to-approve experience on any device via Email, SMS, and Mobile Push, all with a single API.

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Hello ProductHunt! We built ApproveAPI to make it easy for developers to request real-time user approvals and secondary verifications for any workflow on any device (email, SMS, or even an in-app push inside your own app). There are so many workflows that need approvals -- from confirming suspected fraudulent transactions, authenticating users with two-factor verification, verifying identity for customer support, to internal compliance use cases with supervisor approvals and audit logging. We set out to build a secure verification solution which gives users context about what they’re approving with an elegant tap-to-approve experience. We can’t wait to see what you build with it!
This is neat. Wish I had this when manually building email verification code generators.