A continuous integration tool monitoring code reviews.

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Recently, Luke and Mathieu from my team at Enki ( created a continuous integration tool to monitor code reviews, making sure we're strict on approving each other's PRs and making sure there are no accidental merges. Hunting for the second time (!) as I believe this may have value to other dev teams too. Have a nice day PH!
Hello! I'm one of the developers at Enki. Mathieu and I created Approve-CI as a tool to automate our workflow on GitHub; our development process involves performing reviews before merging our pull requests and so we thought "hey, why don't we create a bot to do some of this for us?" Approve-CI monitors comments made on pull requests, watching for approval or disapprovals. These come in the form of specified phrases (we like to use the thumbs up/down emojis). When the desired number of approvals has been reached (minus the number of disapprovals), the check passes and the pull request can be merged. If you want to give it a go, head over to the GitHub page at There are instructions for integrating it with your project in the README (it's easy, don't worry!) and we have a deployment available for general use. Let us know what you think!