Track your mobile app competitors

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Hi I'm shai, one of the makers of this project. We started this a couple of months ago, and it is still live (in a sense ). We have some cool tech under the hood there. with a clear focus on giving app publishers the control and understanding of their competitor landscape. At this stage, we have decided to put all of our focus on our flagship product which is showing significant growth: Elasticode ( ) We believe there is a huge market for app intelligence and engagement, Apposer is one of those examples. in the future, you would see more on this from our team.
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Kumar Thangudu
I founded a company called @growamp There's approximately 3000 new iOS mobile apps that come out daily. Staying on top of competition is a must. Web is commoditized and I believe we are upon the days of "only the paranoid survive." This tool is a must-for any mobile app developer who is doing a follow-on-clone business. I've seen some well run cloning shops in the app store with better distribution tactics than their precursors.
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Ouriel Ohayon / CEO
how would you know if someone "uses" the app on their phone vs have them on their phone. iOS does not allow this kind of things even with an sdk?
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