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Jon Zweig built one of the largest mobile video advertising companies in AdColony; which he sold to Opera Mediaworks for ~$350million. I'm really excited about his new venture into mobile advertising, where he is taking playable ads to the next level. Knowing Jon's background and the great team that he's put together, I think that AppOnboard is something that advertisers or developers should definitely check out.
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@_jacksmith Thanks Jack. Means a lot coming from a luminary like you.
@_jacksmith Jack we thank you! Coming from someone like yourself who has founded 2 amazing companies in Vungle and Shyp this really means a lot to us and our team at AppOnboard!
Thanks Justin! Hi product hunters - let me know if you have any questions about the product. Videos and more at
App Onboard is totally changing the game! It's time for all developers and advertisers to transition away from archaic methods of mobile advertising... like using a 30 second low res video for a mobile game ad. App Onboard's approach enables the users to play a bite size version of the game in the ad... now that makes much much much more sense to me!! I love it.
@nick_sheinberg thanks nick. send us along any apps you are working on so we can help.
@nick_sheinberg thanks Nick! Totally agree. Thanks for the support!
Congrats on the launch, Jon and team! This playables space is really heating up - I can't believe I've never seen heatmap metrics on a mobile ad before, btw :)
@sam_sles thanks sam! really appreciate it!!
This is going to change the game with mobile ads. Any idea when it'll be released to the public?
@lucy_guo Thanks Lucy! AppOnboard is a Premium Private Platform so developers to apply at AppOnboard dot com to join.