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Turn your app into a “Super App” and a full-serving platform

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Hi Product hunters! Super excited to announce Appnext Actions. Mobile app usage is booming but changing and will look a whole lot differently in 1-2yrs. Apps are used more and more, 90% of our communication with friends is happening via social apps and almost every action we take starts with a swipe. Discovery is a growing pain and where search isn't a real option, we find it hard to know which apps can be used unless we have them installed. We no longer use 'apps' but we are taking 'actions'. We have a bunch of services we use daily and we'd like the fastest and smartest way to choose the app we will use for them. Instantly. Appnext Actions is an SDK we worked on for the last 18 months to enable developers to integrate the different services we use in mobile into their apps. To turn their apps into 'super apps', into platforms. We were inspired by Wechat (800m MAU strong largest Chinese social app) which is used daily for everything mobile in China and decided to bring it to every app that cares for becoming a platform for its users. Then we were excited to see that Facebook has added a similar concept in its Messenger (Order a Taxi, Order food with recently) and Google completed the experience with 'Order Taxi' options straight from Google Maps. By using Appnext Actions, every app developer can integrate over 20 services to choose from or let our prediction technology, Appnext Timeline, do the magic of suggesting the right action at the right moment, as an assistant. I owe lots of thanks to our 130 Appnexters who spent months building Actions and to our strong community of over 80,000 developers that contributed to the project sometimes with feedback, sometimes just by being an inspiration to us. Feel free to read more on our website or in TNW article below, give our SDK a try or ASK ME ANYTHING!
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So, is this the new search?
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@shashamir the product is all about predicting the user needs at every given moment, and providing him with relevant Actions he can take. Once the user chooses to take action, for example: order a taxi, book a flight or play a game, we show him a list of different apps he can use to complete his Action. These can be apps he's already using, or relevant apps he's missing out. The results ordered based on their relevancy to the user, and some apps are also featuring customized promotions, the user can benefit from (for example - a taxi app can offer a discount for the ride, if the user chooses to use it)
Sounds interesting. What does it mean in terms of monetization?
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@yoav_aziz Appnext Actions will enable you to monetize your app in a none-intrusive way. For each Action we show a list of relevant apps, with reserved slots for relevant apps that are promoted by developers / advertisers on the Appnext platform. Advertisers compete between themselves on these slots, by placing bids and offering custom promotions, on every impression (whenever a user clicks an Action). Appnext is working on a rev-share basis with apps that integrate the Actions SDK- meaning that the publisher will get a share for every engagement with a promoted app (whether the user uses it or install it). The focus itself is on user experience so we will always show the user apps that he will benefit from, regardless to whether they are promoted or not.
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How do you know to recommend the right app at the right time?
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@jonathan_sela the first step is to identify what the user is experiencing / doing in the real-world, so we'll know which Action is most relevant for him at that moment. For example - once we know the user is interested in ordering food, we will associate it with an Action for ordering food. The second step is to show the user relevant apps for completing the Action - we created a unique technology for mapping the relevant apps for different actions, across all GEOs.
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How is it different than Facebook Messenger?
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@eliav_yohanan FB Messanger is an platform on its own. Appnext Actions is a product that helps other apps turn themselves into platforms that can offer different services to their users.
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