Discover Any iOS App's Keywords

I just tried one of my apps and it came up with a bunch of extras that were not keywords we listed. Wondering how AppMind tries to figure this out?
@KristoferTM I'm waiting to hear back from the founder to get him invited into the AMA.
@KristoferTM You're right, the algorithm on the official website is a little off, we're already working on improving it. The web app itself tries to not just randomly guess the app's keywords, but to show you only the keywords that people can find your app by in App Store's search, which makes it just unbelievably useful for indie devs (like us), because honestly there aren't that many ways to increase your app's discoverability and downloads in the App Store, except for huge advertising campaigns that cost a lot of money, and this makes ASO the most efficient and inexpensive way of doing it, although of course it's up to you to figure out what keywords work better for your app and it's not the easiest task out there :-)
@KristoferTM Just a quick update: the keyword detecting algorithm has been vastly improved on both the official website and inside the web app. Hope you're going to like the end result :-)
@rosenbergus Nice. Look fw to checking it out again
Been using it for 2 days now love it!!! Founder seems to be a great guy. Do have a question as to how they come up with the "daily query" estimate. Been seeing some "null" values for obviously. popular keywords.
@nicholassheriff Anyway you could invite him in here? I tried reaching out but to no avail :(
@BlendahTom I just sent him an email...fingers crossed :)
@nicholassheriff "Daily Queries" are our newest feature and a work in progress. We're trying to use mostly public (and relevant) data with an extensive analysis from our own sources as well. Thank you so much for your kind words and amazing feedback!
@rosenbergus That's what I was assuming well done this is probably at least for my flow one of the most powerful data points. Something that isn't found on any of the others I'm currently using.
Interesting. Lots of players in this field and going to be interested in seeing what new features they come up with.
@SacBookReviewer May I ask what features would you personally like to see? Right now we're thinking about foreign App Stores integration (currently the results are US App Store oriented), customer reviews analysis, Mac App Store ASO and native mobile apps.
@rosenbergus So I've tried a lot of these services, and we do a lot of apps, so my use is often cost per app based. While I like good UI, it doesn't matter to me as much as end result. Currently I use lets me create a new app not in the store yet, pick competitor apps (if any) and search keywords and description terms to see what they're using that I might want to use as well. Other suggestions: Compare screenshots 1:1. My first screen to a competitors first. or all of them together (my app + 5 more). Customer review key word analysis, along with reviewer analysis. I can usually spot fake reviews, but I'm sure there must be a way to do it programmaticly as well. Also looking for reviewers that have reviewed more than one app in the bunch (I'm found competitors reviewing all of the other apps negatively and their's positively using the same apple ID. Haven't had time to sign up and poke about, but if you haven't, the ability to suck in all of a developers apps at one time would be good (so I don't have to do 60 one at a time). The ability to suggest competitors as well (in case I missed someone.)
@SacBookReviewer Oh wow, that's an excellent feedback. Thanks a lot!
Every App developer's dream come true.