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App stores are still key distribution channels for apps. Services like APPlyzer are a bit like the box office and book bestseller rankings for apps ( & general market analysis ( Useful to understand what is gaining traction at the moment and over time. 📈
Thank you @__tosh for hunting our product and "Meow!" to everyone here. APPlyzer has been founded in 2009. As one of the first global app store ranking tools we have been a reliable source to other ranking services in the past. With the rise of ASO and the increasing interest of agencies and marketers in global app store statistics we decided to relaunch APPlyzer and put our SaaS customer interests first. APPlyzer covers the Top1000+ iPhone and iPad rankings. Top600 positions for Google Play and Top300 for AppleTV and MacOS apps. Our keyword tool let's you check daily search results for up to 300 positions and compare them directly against your competing apps. We pull and translate your apps recent reviews and give you historical insights in your app rankings for up to 12 months. So we got great data and we are pulling features and fixes almost daily to improve your app insights for rankings, keywords and customers. Please leave your questions and feedback. I am very eager to learn and understand what drives your app rankings and what we can do to improve your businesses.
@__tosh thank you. Very useful.
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Hey, How reliable is your app store data?
Hi @dev_kanevry! Thank you for asking. The accuracy of our data is about 99,5% (if not more). Reliable data is our core business and so it is mandatory that we deliver. We have been an important data provider for other ranking services and companies since 2009. Take it to a test with a free account or look at popular apps. The best is of course to compare your own apps rankings or keyword search results and you will find out that APPlyzer is very precise. ;) Here you can check out our daily summary of popular rankings for every category in every country:
What's the differentiation from AppAnnie or Sensor Tower?
Hi @jasonhitchcock! Thank you for asking. @oleg_avrah had a similar question above. I think we have a faster UI, attractive pricing (Free, Pro: 1 Euro per App per Month), MacOS and AppleTV keywords (USP), Google Play hourly rankings, direct competitor keyword visualization and iOS rankings up to 1000+ positions for every country and every category (this is not the case for some other services). We listen and support, are speedy with the implementation of good suggestions and concentrate only on reliable figures to learn from - like our Market Analysis insights.
Looks good, and I really like the pricing model. Not too big for the 'one app' startup. Just registered and looking forward to trying it
@stevebrigden Hi Steve! Thank you, you put our mission statement into nice words.