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Applydog is a search engine that crawls career sites to harvest openings listed directly by companies. I'd love for you to give it a try. There are currently over 90,000 jobs listed from several thousand companies and growing.
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If you've ever cast an application into the abyss that is your typical job board (read: Monster, Indeed, Dice, et. al), then you already know the frustration of personalizing a cover letter and prepping a resume specifically for a role you think is a great fit only to never hear back from the employer. Further, a lot of the listings on those sites appear to be posted by recruiting agencies whose only purpose seems to be harvesting resumes so they can later send you openings that have nothing to do with your background. That's why I built Applydog. In my own experience, when you apply for jobs directly listed on a company's career site, you're 3x as likely to hear back from them -- and up to twice as likely to get an interview.
@imchrisdavis it hasn't worked for over a week now, all okay?
@danteventu Hi Dante -- please go to for the time being. Thanks for catching.
Congrats on the launch Chris. Looks good!
Absolutely love the tool, solves a huge problem! Would be interested to know how you're classifying the exclusive roles, and if the roles are removed in real-time once they become available to third-party job boards?
@lachlankirkwood Thanks, Lachlan! Some of the roles might be cross-posted on third-party sites as I'm not currently checking for that. However, Applydog only includes direct links to job postings.