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Anuj Mishra


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Devashish Mamgain
Devashish MamgainMakerHiring@devashish_m · Cofounder | @Applozic
Hello Product Hunt! First of all, thank you @kwdinc for the hunt. We have built a complete communication platform for messaging (native SDKs+UI Kits+ backend) and Audio/Video conversations on mobile and web apps. This way we help developers stay focused on their core product and simply integrate our SDKs to enhance and engage their community/customers. With Applozic, you can enable your application users with Whatsapp like in-app rich messaging and topic/context based chat, push notifications, cross application communication and message broadcast for business. Think about any type of conversation (1 to 1, 1 to many, closed group, open channel, context based chat, application to users messaging....) and you have it all on our platform with rich insights through our Dashboard. We have SMS/Email as fall back for offline conversations. Please do not miss the infographic. Ask me anything
Kevin William David
Kevin William DavidHunterHiring@kevin · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Applozic powers real time messaging across any device, any platform & anywhere in the world. Integrate with its SDK to engage your users with image, file, location sharing and audio/video conversations. The native SDKs and UI Kits are available on Github so developers have the freedom to custom build messaging just the way they want. Comes with a ton of features, check out their features page
Mohit Rajput
Mohit Rajput@mohit_rajput · Senior Android Developer
This is the best chat SDK available in market in this price range. We need very less effort to build a chat app using AppLozic. Keep it up.
Devashish Mamgain
Devashish MamgainMakerHiring@devashish_m · Cofounder | @Applozic
thanks @mohit_rajput its always great to see such a feedback from developers
Constapark@constapark · Constapark
Just saw you guys here, we use applozic, great product and amazing team. Cheers and keep up!
Pravin Singh
Pravin SinghMakerHiring@pravin0322 · Founding Member, Applozic
@constapark thank you for the appreciation.
Ian Rumac
Ian Rumac@ianissoawesome · Android Developer @ Undabot
This is not something I gladly do, but it needs to be known. No matter what your product is, spamming open communities on slack, asking for upvotes and spamming your link multiple times a day isn't a nice thing to do, it isn't even a decent thing to do and shouldn't be a part of your marketing toolkit. So whoever is in your marketing team, please tell them to stop, since this only makes people aggravated and less likely to use your product, interrupts conversation flows, fills up the screen with your promotion and annoys the members. It's equal to all the unwanted spam I get in my email except that it's not filtered out and you're not just doing it to me, you're doing it to thousands of other people. Good luck with your launch and I seriously hope you change your marketing tactics.
Pravin Singh
Pravin SinghMakerHiring@pravin0322 · Founding Member, Applozic
Hey @ianissoawesome apologies for the nag; our intention only being to spread the news. Looks like my marketing team got too excited to be at PH.