Turns your call recording into text

Applicalls is an android app that will record your calls and convert it to text allowing you to search the transcript, in the near future it will also provide actions according to analyzing your call, for example, add to your calendar a meeting you made during a call.

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7 Reviews5.0/5

I used to write notes after many phone calls. since sometimes I forget to do it, I looked for an app that can help. Definitely found


This app is a life saver! I use it instead of writing down notes, or trying to remember details from many phone calls I have. Works great


Waiting for more features to come

Applicalls is so simple and friendly, one click away from having my calls converted into text. so amazing. I can't wait for it to support more languages.

I'm used to pay students a great deal of $$$ to get my recorded calls transcribed, but I don't need to anymore. Great app. Keep going!


I've been waiting for something like this so long. Applicalls not only records my calls, but also transcribes them automatically! Thank you!


Adding more languages would be awesome.

This is a very promised application


I always wanted an application like that


need support for more languages