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We wrote up the development process behind our app at https://blog.serverdensity.com/l... - happy to answer any questions about it!
That's a beautiful-looking dashboard. I was hoping something like this would show up for Apple TV.
@bite Thanks! This is just the initial release so let us know if you have any ideas for what to add next
Really neat idea David. Have you considered creating multiple themes that the user can choose from? Or possibly customize colors to match their brand colors?
@jadlimcaco We originally designed it with a light theme because that is what Apple recommends, however whilst it looked fine in a small simulator window, it was difficult to pick anything out on an actual TV. We inverted the designs and decided to go for a dark theme, which reduces glare, makes it easier to pick out the colours on the graphs and metrics widgets, and also looks cool! We're open to feedback on colours but would probably not allow any custom colours instead favouring selecting themes we've pre-designed, and verified to work properly.
Looks cool! Nice work. How does it compare to Status Board by Panic?
@gilesvangruisen Our app is designed specifically for use by Server Density account holders whereas Status Board is generic.