Apple TV Remote

An app to control your Apple TV with your iPhone and Siri

Apple TV Remote is an app that transforms your iOS devices into a remote to let you have an incredible experience with the Apple TV. You can use that app with the Siri remote too. Stop the madness of looking for your physical remote somewhere around the house, now it is in your iPhone, never lose it again!

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I believe the new TV app's shade of black is called "update loading"
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@nivo0o0 haha looks like it
@nivo0o0 Hey, what's that Twitter Beta app?! How does one get it!
Times I've lost the apple remote = countless Times I've lost an app = zero Woohoo 🙌
Apple just released a separate remote app from their original one, but now with a focus on controlling the Apple TV. Make sense, the Siri remote is great, but easily lost. I wonder why they hadn't built this when they launched the product. 🤔
@gabriel__lewis They've always had the "Remote" app. This appears to be slightly rebranded, but a similar app.
@andrewett This is an entirely new app, the old remote app is still available in the App Store
▲ volume?! ▼
@tomflemming does anyone know if the volume exists in the app?!
Disappointed, somehow I had expected the remote app to offer audio streaming: similar to the Roku physical remote.
@rmateu I've been hoping for the same thing! Surprised they didn't include this.
@jaredrauh @rmateu The problem is delay, unless they control the network they can't guarantee there won't be a delay, so it is not best for that kind of use when watching something. Direct remotes like the Roku talk ONLY to the box and directly so the network is controlled and any lag can be accounted for. This is also why video won't show on the iPad or iPhone when using airplay sending video content, because it is bundled the video and audio as one so that the HD stream is in sync with the audio at all times. Where display sharing is in a lower adaptive quality to lower lag as best it can so that the 2 screens are not hugely different. It's quality and delay, it would be nice and who knows they might add it. Would need a new iOS update for support for bluetooth streaming to the app instead of over Wifi to remove delay, but as the app is not bundled it would need new app API's for this feature.