To all the Apple Music subscribers feeling left out from Spotify's 2018 Wrapped... this is for you. Apple Music Year in Review looks over your listening history in 2018 and presents three beautiful images to share directly to Instagram Stories or Twitter (or to just save to your camera roll).

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@samir_shekhawat Nice job. Don't get discouraged by the bad reviews it's normal that stuff fucks up from time to time. Unfortunately people are a lot faster to give you one star than they are to say anything good. Keep shipping and congratz on the media features ✌️
@nafetswirth I really appreciate the kind words 🙏, this is my first time having to troubleshoot something at this scale
cc'ing my Apple Music-using friend, @brandonmyint.
@rrhoover 🥳🥳🥳 one can hope eddy cue + team takes the hint...
@rrhoover @brandonmyint would love a direct connection to Eddy 😅
There have been some early concerns with our app: people are concerned with what we do with the data due to the lack of a privacy policy, some are uncomfortable with providing an email, and a number of users are reporting crashes. We built this app in a weekend and didn't expect it to take off so quickly. We plan on updating the app very soon to address all these issues. Additionally, since it has taken off, we're going to dedicate time to adding more functionality to the app. Feel free to DM us on Twitter or Instagram if there any other questions or concerns!
I want to make it clear that we currently only take in your top five songs, top five artists, top genre, and email- and we keep this data entirely internal. This is a passion project that blew up in a couple days, not a scam. We'll continue working on it and refining it.

Worked perfectly for me.

Would like some more data points though





JFYI - Rating 1.7 based on 162 Ratings.
@warez90 that's purely because of the mysterious crash, we're rolling out a fix soon that should fix it